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11.1 Emulsion Compatibility Test – Sasol

11.2 Emulsion Compatibility Test- AEL

15. ISO9001.2008 – Rock Filla Mining Tamping Foam

3.1 DMR – Application for Approval

16. Platinum Floatation Test – Anglol American

14. Ore Processing Impact Assessment

8. Risk Assessment

13. DDS Tamping Compatibility Test – Sasol

5. Toxicity Analysis

2. SANS 120_2009 Compliance

10. MSDS Report

4.1 MCSA – Approval Letter

7. Safety and Environmental Compliance_ME03-2017 Rev 2 0

6. Fire properties – Firelab FTC 20-102 SANS 120 v3.0(p1-8)

Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment – Rock Filla

3.2 DMR Approval 2021

4.2 MR3_21 Tamping foam approval letter – Rock Filla (CH)

0. DMRE11 Approval Letter – Rock Filla Tamping CoA (GME SMS STB) (2)

9. Application of Rock Filla

12. Sample testing for reactivity_Rock Filla_Sibambene

1.Rock Filla Brochure

Cubic Water Filters



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